There is such a thing as the PERFECT toy!

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 ' Tis the season for wish lists of boys and girls full of anticipation as the holidays approach.  My imagination plays out the journey of list to playtime.   With excitement I begin the treasure hunt at the big brand toy story.  Hours later leave exhausted and questioning my judgment on the money spent vs the length of time the toy will actually hold my child’s interest.  In a few short days after all the gifts are opened many of the toys are forgotten.  The quest…this year will be different. 

    When it comes to the measurement of a true bargain of a toy it would have to pass the cost vs amount of play time litmus test.  But, when you have a child with special needs sometimes toy takes on even a more significant role.  A role of education, development, social interaction, emotional development, coordination, memory skills and so on.  Dyslexia is complex.  1:5 people are dyslexic. On the surface it may seem your child reverses letters, has difficulty with handwriting, has difficulty remembering a list of items, difficulty remembering what they read or lacks coordination skills for their age.  Overcoming these areas are rooted in the neurological routing of the brain.  Toys can be a fun way to build these routes strong.

  Suggested toys that will pass the litmus test on fun, niche and as you bargain hunt – price.

To build….




Memory match games

Master Mind®

Clue Jr.®


Visual Perceptual:



Jigsaw puzzles

Parquetry Puzzles

Where is Waldo®


Scavenger Hunt

I Spy Treasure

Connect Four®



Tripod Grip – use a pencil, crayon or chalk no longer than a golf pencil

Chalk, crayons and pencils will help with control so the lines will not slide

Pushing too hard on the paper:  Write on the back of a Styrofoam plate.  It is great feedback for the correct amount of pressure



Ball & Jacks

Jump Rope

Yoga Ball Chair



One last thought. When you begin your treasure hunt for the perfect toy keep three things in mind.  Fun factor, skills required, and cost.  With a bit of thought and preplanning a true treasure can be found!  Is your child included in this statistic? Let us give you the answer.


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