Below are just a few of the most frequently asked questions. If we don’t have the answer, we will try to find it for you!

Q. My insurance does not require a referral.  Is a doctor’s referral still required?

A.  If you have insurance that will cover out of network occupational therapy services you will need a doctor order.  If you do not plan to use medical insurance a doctor referral is not required.   The Oklahoma Board of Examiners for Speech Pathologists and Audiologist requires a physician referral for speech therapy services.  We are no longer accepting new Sooner Care or Blue Cross Blue Shield clients.

Q. Does medical insurance pay for dyslexia or dysgraphia assessment or treatment?
A.   If you have insurance that will cover out of network occupational therapy services it is recommended you contact your individual carrier to see if you have coverage for out of network expenses relating to outpatient occupational therapy. Each company and policy is different. Some clients have been able to receive reimbursements for assessments, consultations, etc. but it varies by insurance carrier and coverage. Your insurance will need to know the CPT (billing) codes. The most common CPT Codes we utilize are as follows:

96111 Occupational Therapy Developmental Evaluation

97165 Occupational Therapy Evaluation Low Complexity

97166 Occupational Therapy Evaluation Moderate Complexity

97167 Occupational Therapy Evaluation High Complexity

97530 Therapeutic Activity

Q. Can my child’s school system test for and help with his/her dyslexia?
A.  In the state of Oklahoma dyslexia is not tested. However, this is a question for your child’s school. Ask the individual in charge of special education if they test specifically for dyslexia, and if it is present, what type of programs they offer.

Q. My husband is dyslexic. Does that mean that our children will be dyslexic?
A. Not necessarily, but hereditary and genetic factors do play a part in dyslexia, so a family history of dyslexia can increase its likelihood. When in doubt, get the facts and have your child assessed to identify or rule out dyslexia.

Q. How long will it take DCT to make my child an independent, literate learner for the rest of their life?
A. That is dependent on cognitive issues that  impact your child’s reading and writing abilities. As part of the assessment, DCT  will provide an estimate of the time required to help make the individual literate and independent. Program completion is based upon the child’ ability  at average level for age and grade based upon standardized test results.

Q. My child’s teacher says she will outgrow some of the things she is doing such as reversing letters. Is that true?
A. Human beings do not outgrow dyslexia! Many children reverse letters and typically outgrow this condition, however this is not dyslexia. An individual with dyslexia can reverse letters and may exhibit other symptoms as well which they will not outgrow. It is critical to determine if a child is dyslexic as early as possible. Children with dyslexia grow up to become adults with dyslexia.

Q. What is home therapy? Do I have to add that to an already heavy homework load?
A. Typically dyslexics spend much more time doing homework than their peers. This is because they are not working efficiently. Home therapy is not to be confused with homework. Home therapy is reinforcing components of therapy, not teaching. The child has been given a specific skill and home therapy is reinforcing that skill. Note: It is very common to see school homework decrease once appropriate temporary accommodations are put in place for the dyslexic.


Q. How do I know if a comprehensive test in the next step for my child?

A.   Nessy’s Dyslexia Quest Screening Tool is a fun interactive game that will provide you an accurate indication if your child demonstrates struggles in the specific skill areas required for reading success.