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What is great about Dyslexia Center of Tulsa is that when students receive our evaluation we will coordinate the findings and goals with the school IEP or 504. When a student is enrolled we are able to consult all school meetings to continue coordination & collaboration efforts for long term effectiveness in their academics.

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Policies & Laws for Dyslexia in Oklahoma 

Above link talks about schools eligible for a grant to contract with a non-profit to learn how to implement a dyslexia pilot program.

Above link discusses the law that requires students be tested and treated for dyslexia

Above link discusses how schools can recommend outside sources for reading services without financial liability and discusses mandatory retention in 3rd grade if students do not pass the reading comprehension portion of the state standardized test. They may only be promoted if they have developed a portfolio to show their ability to learn beyond reading or have received 2 years of services and are still behind in reading.

Here are other resources to help: 

Great evidence-based interactive fun games to engage your student’s in the fun of learning numbers, reading, spelling and keyboarding!