About Us

Dyslexia Center of Tulsa is the product of one woman’s search for helpful advice and programs for her child who struggled with learning. Dr. Penny Stack, Director of Dyslexia Center of Tulsa, experienced learning struggles herself while in school.  After realizing her child also had special educational needs she looked for a learning center that helped children overcome challenges with reading and dyslexia.  When she could not find any one program that fit her daughters needs, she started her own…Dyslexia Center of Tulsa.

Since 2011, Dr. Stack has focused her occupational therapy practice on dyslexia to assist children who are trying to overcome their difficulties with reading and dyslexia.Dyslexia Center of Tulsa provides individualized services with the goal of:

  • Improving an individual’s’ confidence in themselves as learners
  • Equipping struggling readers with characteristics of dyslexia with innovative and lasting learning methods
  • Easing the family frustration that reading struggles and dyslexia can create 
  • Working in partnership with parents, teachers and schools to improve an individual’s literacy skill

If you feel you, your child, your student, your niece/nephew, sister/brother or grandchild would benefit from our services, please visit our HOW We Help Page or Contact Us. If we are not the answer, we will help you find the resources you need.