“Words cannot express my gratitude well enough for the prompt attention you have given to K’s report.  It speaks volumes of your dedication to your clients and means so much to me.  I think the information will be helpful to both. I appreciate your devotion to excellence and your attention to meeting our needs through this report.”

Stephanie F

“My daughter who is 10 has always struggled with reading.  We have tried many different ways of helping  but nothing seamed to help.  I never thought that it was a Dyslexia issue. I thought she was taking longer to catch on to reading.  When I met Penny and told her some of the problems my daughter was having she said she could help.  My daughter took an assessment and she had slight signs of Dyslexia.  Penny explained to me that my daughter can be helped she just needed the correct tools to work with because her brain wasn’t making the normal connections. So we had to find a different way to connect them.  My daughter worked at Dyslexia Center weekly and it was amazing to see the change. I seen her become excited about reading. She loved going and learning. I noticed her reading on her own at home.  We would be at the store and she would read the signs.  Taking my daughter to Dyslexia Center of Tulsa was a wonderful decision. My daughter has grown in reading and also her confidence about herself has grown.  I would recommend Dyslexia of Tulsa to anyone has been struggle with reading issues.  You might not know that you are struggling with symptoms of Dyslexia.”

Sheila C

“We adore Ms. Penny and Ms. Andrea! You have made our lives so much better! Life before DCT-DO NOT want to go back to that ever!”

Kristy S

“Thank you very much! Clara greatly benefited from all the therapy. She is happy, confident kid again. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

Heather H

“Our family moved out of state this year, and the child who accomplished the above (high average word reading, spelling and handwriting in 48hrs of therapy) is attending a challenging and rigorous school. He has knocked it out of the park with his grades! We are forever grateful for the Dyslexia Center of Tulsa! ❤️”

Kristen K

“I have to tell you I’m almost as proud of that “helper hand” (proper handwriting posture and pencil grasp) as of that pencil grasp! We work on that helper hand EVERY day & I wasn’t back there to remind him! ✍🏻🤣💙”

April T

“Like most Sundays today I am spending time with Penny! Today instead of podcasting she’s evaluating my little dude while I sneak in some work & coffee ! I love listening to this process! She really is a GEM!

If you are in the Tulsa area, or even nation wide (she does amazing things through zoom) and your child is struggling with reading she’s a MUST to have on your team!”

Drops of Hope Consulting

“Thank you sooo much for working with our daughter last year (dyscalculia & issues with memory) and for encouraging her to go to college. She has made some bold decisions and tackled the massage program at college. She picked up her transcripts today! She graduated with Presidential Honors with a 3.96 GPA THANK YOU again for your encouragement! YOU made a difference in her life! And, I believe it’s very important to let you know that. We are social distance – hugging you right now!!!”

Parent of a college graduate