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Our team of ccupational therapists and speech language pathologists are able to provide objective, standardized assessments to determine the characteristics that most align with dyslexia, dysgraphia, convergence insufficiency, visual tracking and auditory processing. DCT provides assessments  for children ages 5.5-17.  Upon analysis of the assessment batteries you will receive a written report that will indicate each assessment battery results to include standardized scores, percentile ranks, age and grade level specific to the area assessed.  Our assessments are not for  diagnostic purposes but rather for the development of individualized treatment intervention to ensure reading success. We suggest you provide your primary care physician a copy of the report for their determination of diagnosis.

To schedule an assessment please complete the below form. Our office will contact you within 1 week to book your child’s evaluation appointment. 

Please bring  the Dyslexia Checklist to your appointment.

If you would like to download the form, click here and email to or Fax- 1-888-857-0023

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