New Clients

Welcome to DCT!

New clients can choose from the evaluation and consultation packages below and book online.

Our assessments are not for diagnostic purposes but rather for the development of individualized treatment intervention to ensure reading success. We suggest you provide your primary care physician with a copy of the report for their determination of diagnosis

Each initial evaluation and consultation package includes:

1. Initial Evaluation. How We Help. ($150 non-refundable deposit toward total package cost)

2. Post-evaluation consultation includes:

  • Report of Evaluation Results
  • School/Work Recommended Accommodation
  • Therapy Recommendation and Community Resource Recommendations

Available Packages

*Dysgraphia Assessment- difficulty with writing: $400

*Dyslexia Assessment- difficulty with reading: $695

*Dyslexia and Dysgraphia Assessment: $750

New Services Coming January 2, 2022

*Dyslexia Assessment and Auditory Processing Screening- difficulty remembering letter sounds or names, writing a letter when sounding out a different letter sound, or difficulty following verbal directions. $795

*Dyslexia Assessment and Convergence Insufficiency- difficulty with reading and feeling like letters or words are vibrating, moving or falling off the page, eyes fatigue with reading, easily loses place when reading, or gets sleepy when reading: $795

*All in One! Dyslexia Assessment, Dysgraphia Assessment, Convergence Insufficiency, and Auditory Processing Screener: $895

Unsure which package is best? No worries we are happy to help! Give us a call at 918-313-5518.

Ready to make your appointment? Great! Let’s get started.

  1. Select the available date and time that works best for your schedule.
  2. Complete the intake form. This information will help us prepare for your appointment.
  3. To hold the appointment you will be prompted for payment of a non-refundable $150 fee, applied to the total fee at time of services, with Credit or Debit Card through Paypal.
  4. You will receive email confirmation of your appointment and payment.
  5. Within 24 business hours you will receive a follow up call with further information about evaluation. If you need additional assistance, please email
  6. Have questions prior to booking? No worries, we are happy to help. To speak with our Clinic Coordinator or schedule a 1:1 conference with Dr. Penny Stack please call us at 918-313-5518.